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Jul 22, 2016


In this episode, I examine — and CRITICIZE — the oft-delivered, always patronizing insistence from sanctimonious married people to single moms: "Don't worry honey/sweetie/whore/doll. You'll find someone." [cue frown emoticon]

Say what?! Sure, lots of single moms really want to get married (for the first time, or again), and that is great. But the notion that anyone would presume that their romantic status is the end-goal for everyone is not only arrogant and rude, it is preposterous. Especially considering the sorry, outdated state of matrimony today. 

In this episode I share some handy facts for supporting any notion you may have that you never, ever, EVER in a zillion years want to get married again (mainly, marriage is increasingly unpopular, divorce as popular as ever. You do the math). I also share dozens of my followers' own awesome, hilarious and erudite responses THEY use when handed the supercilious insistence that their own perfect, ever-after mate is right around the corner. 

Have a listen. You know this ticked you off. Also, maybe you indadvertedly ticked off all kinds of single people with your on patronizing. We forgive you. Listen anyway! 

Fun facts:

One-in-five adults ages 25 and older have never married, up from 9 percent in 1960, while just 51 percent of adults ages 18 and older are married — marking record lows

  • A Pew / Time magazine survey of 2,691 Americans in association found that nearly four in 10 Americans think marriage is becoming obsolete.
  • That’s an 11 percent spike since 1978
  • Forty-four percent of people between the ages of 18 and 29 saw marriage as obsolete, compared to 32 percent of those 65 and older
  • 57 percent of Millennial moms are unmarried
  • Divorce rates have hovered around the 50 percent mark for four decades