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May 14, 2014

If you don't use it, you lose it. I'm talking your sex life. Sex is an integral part of being a woman, yet so many single moms don't have a regular routine (and yes, this can include with yourself!). 

In this show I talk about why it is so critical to maintain your sexuality, especially for single moms. I help listeners get over their Madonna-whore complex (you can be wonderful mother AND a sexy, adult woman!). I give tips for how to make that happen (including having sex for sex's sake -- not every partner has to be marriage potential). And I give sexy advice to my callers:

Robin Is ready to get her groove on with her wonderful new boyfriend, but as a sole-custody parent with no local family support, she has childcare challenges. I help her get over this hurdle by digging into her real fears about intimacy. 

Chantel Has questions about sharing your own trials and failures as teaching lessons for your children. I offer tips on using what is the most powerful teaching tool to help our kids make good decisions -- and bring the family closer.