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Sep 27, 2017

Naama Bloom is best know as the founder of HelloFlo, the mail-order feminine product platform that shot to viral fame with its hilarious videos like 'Camp Gyno,' 'First Moon Party,' and 'A Vistit from Aunt Flo.' On one hand, we should all be so grateful that Bloom and her startup got us talking, laughing, learning and sharing about our bodies in a healthy way. On the other? It was 2014, and shouldn't we be beyond all that? But we weren't, and Bloom helped us get there, and forever she'll be immortalized as an women's activist.

The new classic book on puberty for girls 

She is also an activist on behalf of girls, with her new book  HelloFlo: The Guide, Period.: The Everything Puberty Book for the Modern Girl (Penguin, October 17, 2017). As you will hear in this episode, it won me over with its first lines, devoted to the fact that every woman, every day, will have crust in her panties. I have spent my whole life — all of which was seeped in feminism — feeling a little bit or a lot weird, ashamed and gross for this reality. This doesn't need to happen any more!

The book also covers: the history of the styles of pubic hair, breast size and shape and eyebrows. Lots of anecdotes from women who share how they feel about their bodies and puberty. It is smart, frank and real in a way no other book for girls — or women for that matter — is. "Full bush," is the name of a chapter.

Don't tell her, but I ordered a copy for my daughter for Christmas, and I think you should, too. The new classic, coming right to you.