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Feb 25, 2014

The minute women become mothers they often shut down sexually. It's no wonder - women are expected to be EITHER the Madonna or the whore. There are few (if any?) examples of sexually fulfilled mothers.

I happened to find myself single at the same time I became a mother, so I was free to explore my sexuality in a surprising time of my life -- and have had an amazing experiences and learned so much about myself. I beleive all the physical, emotional and social changes that come with motherhood make us primed for sexual awakenings. I urge you to embrace your feminity and sexual life to be the best, whole woman and mother. 

On Episode 10 I help these women get their GROOVES on: 

Kadama wants to know how to rekindle her sex life with her husband now that they have kids (um, you don't have to leave the house and hire a sitter to get laid! You're married to the kids' dad!!).

Carrie is a newly single mom who embraces her sexuality (yay Carrie!) but is feeling a little squemish about her new, awesome boyfriend staying over. We work it out.