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Apr 16, 2015

i was THRILLED to read a recent Psychology Today article referencing recent research that found that moms are actually spending TOO much time with their kids, so much so that it is a detriment to their development. Meanwhile, INCOME is the biggest indicator of a child's academic and financial success in life. 

If that isn't great news for working moms -- especially single moms, who do statistically spend less time with their children than our married counterparts -- I don't know what is. 

In this episode I elaborate on how there is so little societal support for working moms-- even though most of us NEED or WANT to work! 

Also: Stacey calls in, asking for advice on how to make sure her 31-year-old son is cared for long-term. Stacey has faced a lot -- not only is her adult child disabled, her fiance died unexpectedly five years ago. But Stacey is suffering a case of the poor-mes. When she kept repeating, "No one understands how hard it is to have a disabled child" I let her know that I really felt for her. I have never faced that. But I -- and everyone else on this planet -- has faced all kinds of trauma. "You don't get a pass for lifetime grief because your son is autistic" I told her.

Stacey must move through her losses, and make plans. Even though Stacey has ample financial resources, she has not taken the financial or legal steps top protect her son. "Time to put on your big girl panties and take care of business," I told her.