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Apr 15, 2016


In this episode I address a reader's question:

 I'm going to introduce the guy I'm seeing to my kids. Do I need to tell my ex? Even if it's not serious?

Great question! Have a listen for my answer! Bottom lines:

  • It's none of your ex's business — or vice versa.
  • If you have a great and open relationship with your ex, then you should tell him because not telling him in your case would be weird. 
  • If your kids are at risk of getting stuck in the middle of this pickle — say, might lie about meeting your new guy to protect their dad's feelings, or avoid a family fight — then you should also tell your ex in this case.

I also give you specific scripts for sharing your dating status with your kids' dad, and tools for owning your truth, even if your ex calls you a filthy whore to your face (my story, maybe not your own). 

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