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Aug 24, 2016

Weird, sad and true: One of the most popular WealthySingleMommy posts of all time is this one: You are stupid if you do your own laundry. 

I summary, the post says:

  • Outsource. You can't build financial wealth, control of your time, or a full, joyful life if you are at the mercy of tedious household chores you are overqualified for, and resent.
  • For a tiny monetary premium, you can save yourself  hours and hours of laundry.
  • It's not just the time and money: It is the headspace and energy it takes to think about and manage laundry (and other housework).
  • Why the hell do we have feminism if we're all doing so much freaking laundry?!
  • Outsource that crap, and don't look back. 

But read the comments on You are stupid if you do your own laundry. 

People are SO OFFENDED by this notion! Some gems:

It’s just laziness and stupidity. She just have to put clothes in the machine once in two weeks. It’s not like she needs do wash it by hand. And she is stupid to wash clothes after one wear if they are still clean and smells OK.

I just still don’t see it. It really doesn’t take that long at all. I do it in my FREE TIME and it only takes a minute to throw it in and I talk to my daughter or watch tv for the ten minutes it takes to fold. I don’t have to leave work early to do laundry or anything, so I don’t see how paying someone to do your laundry makes you money.

You’re just a rich stupid [bleep!]!

Okie dokie! Have a listen to this episode of Like a Mother for more on this (surprisingly) contemptuous topic! Dirty socks and tank tops!