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Feb 18, 2015

In this episode of Like a Mother with Emma Johnson, I go off on entitled women -- What's with all the "Deserve"? You deserve a big house even though your (now ex) husband earned 100% of the money and you decided to give up your career? You deserve a new, pricey handbag, even though you're broke, because you worked hard today? You know who worked hard? Everyone.

I dig into the root of this nonsense (your self-imposed sense of victimhood), and take a call from Laura, who is dealing with a classic cases of the poor-me's, which has manifested itself into $70,000 credit card debt and five half-assed professional projects that are going nowhere fast. Also hear from Barbara who is at her wit's end trying to run a restaurant she recently bought (seriously, you can hear the freak-out in her voice) - and we work through a few marketing ideas that will get her on her feet ASAP.

Have a listen.