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Oct 20, 2014


On my blog I've been writing a lot about outsouring -- and how paying someone else to do your laundry, clean your house and other mundane tasks is the key to making the most of your time and energy. In fact, outsourcing is critical if you want to get ahead -- no matter if you are poor or filthy freaking rich.

Women often refuse to hire these services without thinking logically about them, instead reverting told, tired gender roles that tell women that good moms, wives and women clean their own floors and do their own wash-and-fold. You have to get over these mantras if you want to get ahead. 

I help caller Yoli figure out how to outsource her most loathed household task -- grocery shopping, a chore that each week costs her 2.5 hours, untold anxiety, and in the event she doesn't do it, this single mom resorts to restaurant food, which of course is more expensive and less healthy. To boot -- she lives in rural Colorado, so by outsourcing each week, she saves risks to her life when driving on mountain roads in the winter!