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Nov 23, 2015

Would you pay $3,000 to have lasers shot into your vagina to tighten it up?

What about $1,900 to have stem cells shot into your clitorious to improve sexual pleasure?

Hundreds of women each year get these services at Smooth Synergy Spa in New York City, says Nicole Contons who together with her physician husband runs the spa. These outpatient procedures can be had on the same day you get your facial peel and your mustache lasered. Incontience, lack of sexual sensation and a desire for a long, healthy sex life are driving businesses that offer these procedures, Contos says.

Contos made national headlines (Oprah!) 18 years ago when she was jilted at the alter at her own big greek wedding, but turned the paid-for reception into an actual party, instead of a pity party. Today she says she's happily married with two beautiful daughters, and helping women achieve physical and sexual health.

Contons talks about the new sexual revolution that fuels her business, the younger-man-older woman trend, and what it's like to have her husband looking at other women's vaginas all the live-long day.

"You have a younger face, you want a younger vagina," Contos says. "Why not have a vagina that matches your non-wrinkly face?"

Nicole Contos


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