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Sep 19, 2016

I interviewed Marlena Stell for Forbes last year, and we've stayed friends since. This 36-year-old entrepreneur built MakeUp Geek, the once cosmetics blog, now-makeup brand on track for $20 million in sales. Whew!

In this episode, Makeup Geek's Marlena Stell and I discuss:

  • How she went from high school music teacher, to cosmetics mogul (named to Inc.'s 'Fastest Growing Women-Led Companies'), thanks to the then-new YouTube, brutal honesty and being herself in a world of gloss and perfection. 

  • Whaaatt?! Her ex-husband is her COO? She explains how that works. 

  • Why she DOESN'T have a mentor or professional idol.

  • What she does with all her money.

  • How she found her new husband, and balances her role as the breadwinner with her relationship.

  • Biggest mistakes she's made in building Makeup Geek

  • Her advice to aspiring cosmetics entrepreneuers 

  • Whats' next for this woman
  • Why she is always unabashedly honest about the products she reviews (and drugstore brands often beat spendy Sephora labels)

Have a listen ... and check out Makeup Geek's latest products.