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Jun 13, 2018

Making money and serving others — these two things are NOT mutually exclusive. That you must chose one or the other is a historically female message: That it's OK to be broke, because we're serving others. That the corporate world is exploitive, evil, greedy, and in direct opposition with service and generosity and community – this is false.

That rhetoric is dated and it's wrong. In fact, the more money you make, the more influence and success you have, the better you are able to serve. Whether it's on a large, global scale, or a small, local scale, when you're successful, you're powerful and you can give and do more. It is possible, ladies.

In this episode I discuss...

  • How I started, and why focusing on making money from this project directly correlates with how many people I can serve
  • Why making money benefits you, your community, the economy
  • The history of "women's work" as a free service, which contributes to this mentality
  • How to make money AND serve others at the same time

The FULL TRANSCRIPT of this episode is available right here: