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Dec 11, 2015

I'm a traveler. Starting at age 15 when I took off for a year of study in France, hopping on a plane, navigating around a new city, chatting up the locals and finding my way around a bus terminal or market is not only natural to me, but also one of my greatest joys.

I want to share that joy with my kids, and also, even though I'm a parent, I don't want to stop traveling myself (call me selfish, I could care less). I've written a lot about the annual road trip I take with Helena and Lucas  (The Wall Street Journal interviewed me about my radical policy of no tablet in the car. Common, America! Gah!), and now that they are older we are taking more adventurous trips -- they to Greece with their dad in the summers, and hopefully skiing this winter.

I sympathize with parents who are terrified about traveling with kids. I admit that the morning after returning from our three-week road trip last year, I could.not.get.out.of.bed. Not because I was so tired. But because being home felt sososoossoososososo good! Those kids can kick my butt.

But today's guest is such an inspiration. Caz Makepeace, together with her husband Craig, run the site, and have barely paused their globetrotting when they had their two daughters. Today, the young Australian family writes about their adventures and trials across their home country, Asia and the United States, and helps families do the same.

In this interview, Caz shares her advice on how to affordably travel with kids (Craig is a carpenter, and Caz is a teacher), some of her most favorite on-the-road memories with her daughters, and her most harrowing family travel experience ever (I'm not sure I would admit this one publicaly, but am grateful she did!).