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Mar 5, 2015


Do you find yourself constantly blaming others for your hurt? Are you so angry at others that you just can't let it go? When something goes wrong, do you think someone should be punished?

You have a victim mentality. You can't move forwrd, heal from past hurt or grow to your full potential unless you chose to stop feeling victimised. 

Life happens. Sometimes it stinks. Often it's unfair. But that doesn't make you a victim. 

I hear from caller Jen who calls "Uncle" because her son and two neighbor kids -- all ages 9 and older -- won't play by themselves. Say what? And Stacey loses her mind because her teen neice is pregnant, and she's worried this will automatically impregnant her own teen daughter, whom she has over-protected at birth (listen to what I tell her about teens, sex and her parenting).