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Jun 7, 2016

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This is such an awesome interview for so many reasons. Kimberly Palmer, former senior money editor for U.S. News, married mom of two, and all-around smart girl, wrote a book that is so obvious in its scope and mission it seems impossible it does not already exist:

Smart Mom, Rich Mom: How to Build Wealth While Raising a Family



That's right: a personal finance book for moms. Insane? Hardly. But what delightfully thrilled me is some hard-lined rules Palmer lays out for mothers, as well as her patent assumption that moms need to be taking care of business by themselves — and not naively assume there is a man in the picture. Some highlights from the interview:

  • Stop focusing on couponing, and start focusing on EARNING
  • Never ignore your earning power. DO NOT STEP OFF THE CAREER PATH.
  • Stay-at-home motherhood is a fantastical fantasy, so get over it. 
  • The higher-earning spouse's time is not more valuable than the less-earning spouse's time. 
  • How to talk to your kids so they understand that you w.o.r.k.



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