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Sep 7, 2017


Coming out of her own marriage, Erin Williamson, 39, of Seattle, realized that because she did not have equal income in her marriage, she did not share equal power. So she set out not only to change her own financial autonomy, but committed to ensuring that women around the globe also have equal access to financial capital — typically for work they are already doing, but are not paid for.

"Direct access to money can mean power, freedom, choice, and for those being oppressed by domestic violence, a woman's access to money can mean life," the mom of two told me. Erin is the founder of Pier Coffee, a cold-brew coffee company that buys 100 percent of its beans from women-owned farms. She is also the founder of Engendered International, a non-profit organization that provides certification to companies that prove:

  • Percentage of supply-chain workers who are women
  • Percentage of supply-chain companies owned by women
  • Work within countries that do not place legal restrictions on economic opportunities for women and advocacy to change laws in countries that do
  • Proof of payment directly to female workers along a supply-chain
  • Charitable donations or support of organizations fighting against domestic violence
  • Wage parity between men and women in the companies along a supply chain
  • Proof of investment in education and training for women and girls

In this Like a Mother interview, Kickass Single Mom Grant winner Erin Williamson shares with me:

  • How she launched her cold-brew coffee company Pier Coffee in her laundry room, and why she committed to only buying coffee beans from women-owned farms. 
  • Her advice to moms who feel broke, lost and no idea how to launch their own passion company. 
  • Where she found the energy to launch a non-profit at the same time she struggled to grow a new business.
  • What Erin learned about money, power and romance through her marriage, divorce and single motherhood. 
  • How she feels about men and dating today. 
  • Where she finds her support network.