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Aug 2, 2017


The Kickass Single Mom Grant is now six months old, and as it has grown, has featured women with blatantly activist missions: Give books to kids in need, promote healthy births and nursing to minority women, support a formerly homeless mom building a new life. 

But being kickass, and being an activist, can come in man forms — often quieter and more private. That is what drew me to Teri Teves, a Portland, Ore., single mom of one, who switched careers from advertising to cosmetology, specifically lash extensions. Her new career gave Teri the time flexibility and high income that she craved. But making women feel comfortable, cared for, listened to, and beautiful is how Teri found she had the greatest professional contribution.  The $1,000 grant supported a continuing education course so she can offer more services, which helps her grow her business and bottom line. She wrote in her application:

Four years ago, after being laid off, I changed careers to become a licensed esthetician and lash tech. January 2017 I left my hourly/commission based position to go on my own and lease a room in a salon. My life has improved since because I now make slightly more money but more importantly have more time with my son. 

I love my job because I help to enhance a woman’s greatness. We all want to feel beautiful. Paying it forward is already in the works. I know I’m where I’m at because of other’s kindness and generosity. Lash extensions are a luxury, so I provide free lashes to the women I feel need a little lift in their life. The confidence to face the world. I am currently training a girlfriend in lashes so she may have her own business which will enhance her family’s life. I plan on helping her with the cost of esthetician education and watching her kids when she needs it. I hope one day she would pay it forward to another woman who needs that extra lift, guidance and support. The ultimate goal is build the tribe and create that sort of support over and over again.

Listen in this episode about how Teri built her business, how her tribe of women have supported her and her family, and how she gives back by supporting other women through her small business. 

Other Kickass Single Mom Grant winners:


single mom grant donation

Kickass Single Mom Grant winner Jennifer Little, founder of the Little Hands Book Bank in Texas.



single mom grant winner


Shawnta Creech went from homeless to culinary school graduate with a salad dressing business in the works.


sheri black san diego single mom grant


Sheri Hopkins started Black San Diego. “I wanted my daughters to grow up seeing strong leaders who looked like them.”


single mom grant doula

A doula for low-income new mothers. “I wasn’t going to let a corporation tell me what my dream was.”



Are you a kickass single mom? About the $1,000 monthly grant:

Every month I give $1,000 to a single mom committed to building a positive life for herself, her family and contributing to the world in a productive way.

The Kickass Single Mom Grant supports endeavors that show promise for success — whether it is a career, business, nonprofit, charitable, creative or family project that is already underway and could use a financial boost.

This might include paying for formal education that will advance your career (or launch a new career!) that makes you happy and proud, propels you to financial independence and makes you a great role model for your children and others whose lives you touch.

You might seek to use this money to build your dream business — one that lights your passion, contributes to the world in a positive way.

Maybe you have a volunteer or nonprofit project that is blossoming.

Perhaps it is a personal project that you want to describe to me.

One part of this grant is to support incredible single women doing amazing things.

The other part is to highlight incredible single moms to inspire and uplift others who may not see in themselves what is possible.

No income maximum (or requirement). All nationalities welcome. Winners are announced the first of every month.

Apply now!