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Jan 17, 2014

The law of the land is that it is wrong to judge. BUT EVERYONE JUDGES EVERYONE ALL THE TIME. Not only must you accept that judging is natural and healthy - doing so helps people know how to behave, or challenge social norms. But there is no better way to grow, heal and get what you want in the world than openly embracing others' judgments.  

I share my own experience listening to a man I dated share his observations of me on a date. It stung, but showed me I wasn’t really ready for a relationship. A mom friend assessed my parenting and her judgments hurt – but showed me things I needed to see.

I help Robyn face the realities of her weight problem.

Danielle learned she should listen to her married friends’ criticisms about her dating (and go out with the choker again).

Jennifer showed ME a thing or two about delivering judgments to others.