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Apr 1, 2014


I won't bore you with a financial lesson, but what Wall Street billionaires know can help you create the life of your dreams: You cannot grow if you do not take risk. In fact, not taking ANY risk is the greatest risk of all! In this show I talk about how I am transitioning out of a successful freelance writing business into an information product model. It is scary as  hell. But you know what is even more scary? Sticking to what I know. Why? A) The market for freelance writing is in the toilet. Not branching out is pretty much guranteed recipe for poverty. B) If I don't take a risk and develop my ideas, I will regret that forever. That is the scariest of all: A life of regret. 

So take that risk. Take a measured risk. A small one. See how it feels. Maybe it didn't work out as you'd hoped. Maybe it worked out better! Either case, do it again. And again. Make measured risk a part of your everyday life. 

In this episode I help:

Crystal She's overwhelemd wondering whether she should take her 12 year-old son out of school and with her on the road as she embarks on a life of publishing, public speaking and entertainment. Turns out, that life is not yet ralized -- she's just dreaming. My advice? Hold your horses, lady! 

Chancel This poor mom is about to kill her 13 year-old son and his snotty mouth. What can she do? We brainstormed ways for this otherwise good kid to take on more leadership roles in volunteer work.