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Mar 20, 2014

In this episode I explore procrastination -- the thing you avoid most is usually the same thing you need to address most. For me this includes all kinds of things, including the mess of digital photos of my family I have never organized. Why? I worry if I see my kids' lives laid out in a picture album I will see clearly the summary of our lives -- and that what I see will not be enough. 

I had a poignant conversation with caller Dawn. She is a successful business owner and mom of young kids going through a divorce. She first asked how to manage her time, but we quickly realized she needed support in dealing with her feelings. "Everyone sees that I have it all together, so they never ask me how I am," she said. I so identify with her! But we all are human, vulnerable. She needs to unravel and deal with the grief and stress around her relationship ending. She agreed, tearfully, that she will call her dad, who she describes as "a great guy" but with whom she is not particularly close. This could be the beginning of a great new chapter for Dawn, including a deepening relationship with her father.