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Jul 15, 2014


Nothing makes me run for the hills when a guy acts too needy, too early on in a relationship. Hounding me all day with texts? Next! Asking on a first date if I am in a "place in my life for a serious relationship" (true story)? Buh-bye. 

This episode's guest is my bud Marc, a single dad who -- like me -- dates a lot. I am often STUNNED by his stories of women who plan vacations with her family after a first date, and get upset to learn that he is still on OKCupid after they share a phone call. 

That said, I certainly feel vulnerable in relationships all the time. Listen in as Marc shares how he bought Pearl Jam tickets IN LONDON after a few weeks of courtship, and I suffered an exessential crisis because one beau took half a day to confirm a date. 

I also offer some tips on how to manager your own dating insecurity -- because we all have it!