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May 11, 2016


Amanda Steinberg, single mom, and all-around kick-ass entrepreneur you probably read about in every single business publication, has been consistently pissed off that women do not have as much wealth as men.

First, the Columbia educated engineer launched DailyWorth, the leading site for ambitious women who want to learn more about money, and now co-founder of WorthFM, an investing and savings platform marketed to women, and automates savings and investing based on your money type. 

In this episode we talk about:

How women invest, save and spend differently from men.

  • Typical pitfalls women fall into when it comes to accumulating credit card debt.
  • Amanda's money habits that made her book publisher worry make her look like a financial train wreck.
  • Why she is anti-budgeting.
  • Financial challenges specific to single moms. 
  • The "social atrocity" that the world does not teach women to take care of themselves financially. 


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