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Nov 25, 2015

I've known Samantha Ettus for three or four years now -- long before people had a reason to take my calls or do me favors. And she always took my calls, and supported me with advice and social media shout-outs and brainstorming when I needed it. So, of course, I always loved her.

But, that is all very authentic and honest, and has built a wildly successful speaking and writing career, which includes regular network TV appearances, a New York Times bestseller and The Pie Life: The Recipe for Professional and Personal Success, out September.

In this episode of Like a Mother with Emma Johnson, Samantha shares her formula for reaching your potential, squashing the negative self-talk that keeps you up at night, and expecting the very most out of life while embracing the fact that life is inherently hard and very, very messy. She laughs at my assessment of her Instagram feed, which a lesser person may dismiss her as too-perfect. After all, Samantha is a drop-dead gorgeous blonde with three adorable pumpkin kids, a handsome successful entrepreneur husband and fabulousness in every images of their Los Angeles life. But like the rest of us, she's gone through, it too, and Samantha generously shares the details of her own trials, which include a divorce, a broken engagement and a childhood coach who turned out to be a pedophile.

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