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Dec 16, 2015


I've been friends and a fan (fran?) of Christelyn Russell-Karazin for a long time. A mom of two, freelance writer and founder of, Christelyn has impressed/shocked me with her razor-sharp stance on interracial relationships. A black woman married to a white man, who also had an unplanned baby with a black man, she is adamant that women of color find love, marriage and family men they deserve -- regardless of race. 

What sets Christelyn's blog apart from any other voice on race -- aside from the astonishing interaction with readers -- is that in her smart and sharp voice, she admonishes everyone brands, the media, Washington and black men and women alike for their stance on race, relationships and policy. She gets pissed off, takes a stand and says front-and-center what trolls typically post in the comments section. In between posts about beauty products, her garden and love stories about interracial couples, recent topics include criticizing a black woman for suing her boyfriend for messing up her hair in the pool;  being irate that only light-skinned, straight-haired women of color are considered beautiful, and her own on-point take about the recent conviction of a white police officer for raping black women.

In this episode Christelyn schools me on the pressures successful black women face to marry within their race -- including from the church -- and shares her own journey from being an unmarried mom with what appeared to be the perfect black man, to meeting and falling in love with a white catholic guy from waspy Westport, Conn. (a "Wasc" she calls him). She dissects the layers of interracial relationships, including why it is more acceptable for a black man to date a white woman than the other way around, and let's me know that my question about white men having black-women fetishes is racist. 

Have a listen, check out, thank me later.