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May 31, 2018

I keep hearing the same story again and again from professionally successful women. Variations on:

My grandma told me: "Always have your own money."

It could be a mother, aunt, neighbor, Girl Scout leader, teacher, cousin, mentor or favorite coach.

The bottom line

An older, respected woman looked her straight in the...

May 23, 2018

In my work writing about women, money and family in the United States, there are two prevailing issues:

  1. Dads who do not live with their kids are barely involved. (Just 22% of dads who live apart from their children see them more than once weekly, per Pew.)
  2. That pay gap will. not. close.

Here's the answer:

Start all...

May 16, 2018

Heather Shumaker, a Minneapolis-based journalist and married mom of two, agreed to be interviewed on this show, and I am so glad she did.

If you have any question at all about why you should stop micromanaging your kids, let them play freely, dirtily, creatively, check out this awesome episode.

Highlights include ...

May 11, 2018

In this episode, I discuss what you should REALLY be doing for Mother’s Day. (Hint: It’s not church and brunch!)

In fact, my Mother’s Day plans don’t even involve my kids – and you know what? That’s perfectly fine. I’m also giving YOU permission to do whatever the hell you want.

Want to take a four-hour...

May 9, 2018

I'm so thrilled to have Katie Wilson, 21st congressional district candidate, on the Like A Mother podcast today. She shares with us what it's like being a politician, entrepreneur, and mother of two, plus:

  • The public's definition of what constitutes a single mom
  • Why it's important to raise kids to appreciate...