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Sep 27, 2014


I often hear from single moms whose children's father is not in the picture -- sometimes they are desperate to know what to say, othertimes they dismiss the situation as no big deal.

It is a big deal. A huge one. But not one that will destroy your kids lives -- if you confront and deal with it.

In this episode I share...

Sep 17, 2014

On "The Emma Johnson Show" I dig into one of the most common reasons I hear women say they aren't striving for their dreams: Lack of money. 

Caller Tracey and her family are trying to get ahead financial after her husband got out of jail. She blames his back child-support payments as the reason why she can't pursue her...

Sep 2, 2014

I just started dating someone I really like -- and made kind of a big deal out of who turned off their online dating profile (where we met) off first. Because it is a big deal! More on this new dating custom and how to navigate it. 

Caller Molly worries she's a stage mom (becasue she kind of is). I help her navigate...

Sep 2, 2014

In this episode I share a recent experience that humbled me as a mom: My kids went to Europe with their dad for 2.5 weeks - our longest time apart by far. They didn't ask to call me once. Ouch. Yet brough to light how there is so much pressure for moms to to be a giant, constant and all-encompassing force in our kids'...