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Jul 18, 2014


In this episode I elaborate on my mantra that you should not be ashamed to be a mom and date at the same time -- and there is nothing wrong with your kids meeting a date or love interest, even if it's a first date or early in a relationship.

I share a recent experience in which for three consecutive weekends my kids...

Jul 15, 2014


Nothing makes me run for the hills when a guy acts too needy, too early on in a relationship. Hounding me all day with texts? Next! Asking on a first date if I am in a "place in my life for a serious relationship" (true story)? Buh-bye. 

This episode's guest is my bud Marc, a single dad who -- like me -- dates a lot....

Jul 8, 2014

Steve Pomeranz interviews me re: sudden wealth and divorce, plus differentiating yourself in the marketplace! 

Jul 3, 2014

I hear it all the time: "I'd love to date, but feel so gross."

"I need to lose 20 lbs before I even think about dating." 

"My C-section scar/stretch marks/tear will gross out any guy!"

I have plenty of hangups about my post-baby body, too -- but after lots of field research have found that a) guys don't care. Seriously,...